Why Hudson Valley Is The Perfect Wedding Destination

New York’s Hudson Valley is beautifully picturesque with a wide variety of settings, making it a perfect location for a wedding. Couples find the combination of history, agrotourism, craft breweries, and stunning scenery to be unparalleled. If you are considering a wedding in the Hudson Valley, here are just a few reasons why it could be a terrific location for your big day.

Wedding Venues

There are a plethora of wedding venues in the Hudson Valley. FEAST at Round Hill is a beautiful manor home built in the 1800s. It is perfect for small, intimate weddings that aim for utter sophistication. Colden Manor at Spruce Lodge is another great space and can accommodate larger parties of up to 200 people in their banquet halls. Saint Hubert’s Lodge & Club is a great option as well that features breathtaking vistas, beautiful ponds, streams, and lodging for guests at their bed and breakfast.

For couples who prefer an outdoor venue, Letterbox Farm is a great option. The farm features breathtaking forest and mountain views. It is also a cheaper option than many indoor spaces, so it’s great for budget-conscious brides and grooms.

There are also dozens of golf courses, country clubs, and churches throughout the Hudson Valley. The area really can accommodate any type of wedding for any budget level.


One of the biggest draws to the Hudson Valley is its four beautiful seasons. The Hudson Valley can serve up snow in the winter, pretty pastel buds in the spring, full foliage in the summer, and leaves in tremendous reds, oranges, and yellows in the autumn. Before beginning to plan, consider what season you prefer. May through October is considered the most popular time for weddings in the Hudson Valley, so you will need to plan ahead early if you want to get married in that timeframe. Venues, photographers, and other wedding vendors will get booked far in advance.

Local Flare

The Hudson Valley is also great because it offers lots of attractions and excitement for out-of-town guests who come in for your wedding. Couples can capitalize on the fruits of the region by offering your guests suggestions of places to tour, such as the Athens Lighthouse or Splashdown Beach. Brides and grooms may also want to give favors at your wedding that have some local flare. The area is full of craft breweries, so you could get a bottle of your favor brew and give one to each wedding guest.

It’s not easy to narrow down choices when planning your wedding. But with the Hudson Valley, you don’t really need to. The area offers lots of attractions for guests and gives you a wide variety of venue styles to choose from. It’s a terrific spot for a white wedding.

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