Visiting The Chautauqua Institute In New York

One of the most beautiful and historic places to visit in the entire state of New York is the Chautauqua Institute, seated in western New York. Chautauqua Institute was founded in 1874 and is a summer destination for people from all over the country, and for good reason. Whether you just happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Chautauqua Institute or you actively seek it out, there are many things to do for people of all ages.

One of the most popular attractions at Chautauqua Institute is the Chautauqua Amphitheater, which has hosted a diversity of events that have ranged from a screening of Harry Potter with an orchestra playing live music to performances by famous musicians such as Natalie Cole. Other attractions include the Hall of Philosophy, which frequently holds lectures by famous academics and speakers. If you have an interest in widening your horizons and learning something new, a visit to the Hall of Philosophy for a lecture is highly recommended for people of all ages. Other places that host grand performances include the Opera House and Athenaeum. Regardless of your performance interests, you’ll be able to find something familiar, but also many new things as well.

In addition to performances, if you find yourself at Chautauqua Institute, you’ll surely want to walk the complex simply to take in the beautiful architecture. One of the most iconic landmarks is the Miller Bell Tower, which is a point of pride for the institute, but you’ll also want to walk to streets and admire the beautiful Victorian Homes. You can even stay in the heart of the institute in unique rooms dedicated to authors at The Spencer Hotel & Spa.

Along with the architecture, there are beautiful gardens all around the campus. You’ll also want to walk across the lake front, where you can catch either a beautiful sunrise or sunset depending on what part of the lake you are on. Boating is also an important part of Chautauqua culture, with many seasonal guests bringing boats to use during the summer. Visitors can also get access to boats, where you can spend a day of leisure on the water on a cool New York summer day.

Regardless of your interests, you’ll always find something to do at Chautauqua Institute. It is truly a historic landmark of the northeast, and worth a visit for any family looking for a new vacationing spot or simply looking for somewhere to take a day trip.

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