How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio is home to kind and caring citizens, beautiful sights, and remarkable activities. However, it’s not a secret that the slice of paradise also features relatively unpredictable weather. Based upon the former point, it’s not hard to see why so many individuals plan their weddings in Northeast Ohio.

Occasionally tough weather shouldn’t stop brides and grooms from enjoying the beauty of outdoor weddings in Northeast Ohio. To help these happy couples beat the elements, let’s take a look at a few important things to remember when planning outdoor weddings in the best part of Ohio.

Take Cover
Outdoor weddings in Northeast Ohio are typically planned during warmer months of the year, and accordingly, it’s important for cover, in the form of overhead canopies or tents, to be set-up for guests. These covers can be purchased for affordable prices at any local outdoor store, online, or they can be rented from nearby professionals for an even lower cost.

Canopies are good things to have at outdoor weddings regardless of whether or not rain or other inclement weather is expected. If it does rain, said canopies will protect the food and guests from the downpour. If it doesn’t rain, there’s a good chance the sun will be shining, and the covers will then provide guests, food, and beverages with shade.

Book Waterproof Companies
Alright, there might not be such things as “waterproof” companies, but still, it’s a good idea to verify beforehand that an outdoor wedding’s entertainment, caterers, and licensed marriage professional are all comfortable and able to work in potentially troublesome weather. Few things are worse than trying to get a handle on a wedding run amok because of crazy weather. Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast, located in Dellroy, Ohio, offers options for indoor, outdoor, and even pontoon boat ceremonies.

Use Walls, Fences, and Buildings for Support
Outdoor weddings are obviously situated outside, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be aided by pre-placed structures such as walls, fences, and buildings. These structures can block virtually all of the wind from a given direction—a benefit that comes in handy especially with regards to food, as plates, napkins, and serving trays can be thrown through the air with a solid gust. Consider placing a canopy or tent next to or by a building, wall, or fence if possible.

These tips are sure to help make outdoor weddings in Northeast Ohio positive and memorable experiences for the bride, groom, and guests.

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