Historic Bed and Breakfasts in Connecticut

Connecticut is a great vacation spot. It is the perfect blend of country, urban, and rural areas. If you vacation in Connecticut, why lessen your experience by staying at a normal hotel? There are several bed & breakfast inns in Connecticut that offer a unique experience, but why not stay at a historic inn that offers a one of a kind stay. Here are the three historic bed & breakfast inns to check out.

The House of 1833

This historic home is a mansion that was built in 1833 by a banker named Elias Brown. It is a national landmark masterpiece that features forest and landscaped areas of gardens. Located in Mystic, Connecticut, this inn offers a gourmet breakfast and has luxury accommodations. It also features a  swimming pool to relax in during the day and signature chocolate chip cookies in the welcoming parlor. The home is outfitted with furniture and decor just as old as the bed and breakfast itself.

Captain Grant’s

Originally constructed in the 1600s and originally used as a blacksmith’s forge, this home has been renovated several times throughout history. Captain Grant’s is a great place to stay at during any season. You can have your meals outside on the deck, or you could eat inside, enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. Captain Grant’s has a total of 5 rooms for rent: Adelaide, Collette, Amy, Elizabeth, and Marie. Rooms come with a variety of different prices. All the rooms come with one bed, which is big enough for two adults. Captain Grant’s is famous for its delicious breakfast. Options for breakfast include a bacon breakfast, french toast, and their specialty, The southern breakfast. The southern breakfast comes with corned beef, eggs, grits, and English muffins.

Stanton House Inn

This inn has a deeper history than nearly any other inn in Connecticut. Originally built in 1717, the Stanton House Inn has had many interesting residents. The most famous story associated with the Stanton House Inn happened in the early 1900’s. Stanford White, the owner of the Stanton House, was murdered by Harry Kendall Thaw. Both wealthy men, the murder sent ripples all along the East-Coast. The inn has 20 guest rooms and suites to choose from that offer charm and character. It is located in Greenwich, Connecticut and is a popular vacation spot for New York City residents.

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