Explore The Manzanita, OR Art Scene

Manzanita, Oregon is a unique artistic hub located right on the stunning Pacific Coast. With a lively arts community, the town is home to a large community arts center (Hoffman Center for the Arts) and numerous fine art galleries. Whether you’re an artist or an art lover, you will find yourself at home in Manzanita. Check out some of the town’s top artistic attractions while you’re there

Hoffman Center for the Arts
Located right in downtown Manzanita, the Hoffman Center for the Arts is a renowned artist institution founded in 2004. The center is largely an educational center encouraging people to let their artistic side blossom. They offer a multitude of great classes, workshops, and hold musical performances throughout the year. In addition, they also put on the Manzanita Writers’ Series uniting some of Oregon’s best writers in one place. Their calendar is always full of interesting events. Definitely be sure to check it out during your stay.

The Refindery Reuse Store
This artist-run store can be found right inside Manzanita’s Recycling Center (CARTM). Local artists rummage through the waste center’s materials to reuse for artistic purposes. The result is a lot of cool re-purposed artist objects that you can buy. The store is huge with new items coming in every day. You can pick through their materials to use for your own artistic projects, or you can bring home some of the artist’s own creations like a canoe made into a light fixture. It’s a special place that you may find yourself browsing in for a few hours.

DragonFire Gallery
This fun and colorful gallery has a wide variety of work by local artists. From paintings to glass works, fibers arts to photography, it has every type of medium on display. The gallery itself hosts many fun artist events throughout the year. In June, they will be putting on a Plein Air competition which attracts a huge crowd every year. Starting from a blank canvas, artists gather to paint the beautiful Manzanita landscape on site with a finished painting at the end of the day. It’s always exciting to see what they come up with!

Bronze Coast Gallery
Established nearly 25 years ago, the Bronze Coast Gallery is a popular fine art institution in Manzanita. They specialize in bronze sculpture art with a huge gallery of works on display year round. The gallery also specializes in education and offers classes that teach even the most amateur artist how to do bronze casting. In addition to it’s revered bronze sculpture collection, the gallery also showcases paintings from national and international artists.

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