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Why Direct Mail is More Relevant Than Ever

For marketers, every week seems to present a new opportunity to grow your presence, build your brand and engage new potential customers. Just when you’ve wrapped your head around search engine marketing Facebook comes along and offers another channel for targeting consumers. Then Twitter hits it big and you’ve got 280 characters to reach that […]

Should I Buy an Electric or Internal Combustion Forklift?

While there are several different kinds of forklifts for all different functions, the two main types are electric or internal combustion. These names have to do with the type of engine is in the forklift. Both can power a forklift effectively, it all depends on your type of work situation, load size, and your budget. […]

How To Spot and Fix Environmental Flaws In Your Business

Business owners are constantly looking for ways to save money on maintenance, monthly utilities, and the overall costs of owning a business property. Oftentimes, these goals intersect with the goal of helping the environment. Making your company more energy efficient can not only save you money, but also help save the earth. PM Environmental, an environmental […]